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with 93 million on tumblr i bet theres a clique of 37 year olds who make fun of us

yeah they’re called the staff

motion picture soundtrack


Here’s the video (x)

’I’m filming this video on the fifteenth of August twenty-fourteen, and this is a letter to my future wife…

‘’Well, I guess I should break the ice and say hi? We don’t know each other yet but we will… at some point.

‘’I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what you look like and I don’t even know what your name is. Maybe you’ve got dark hair or maybe you’re blonde. I have absolutely no idea.’’

‘’Are you watching my YouTube videos?’’, the deep voice said from behind me, his lanky arms wrapping around my waist. Clamping a head over his mouth and tugging my headphones out of my ears, I leant back in to his warm embrace and nodded like a child.

His chuckles filled my ears and his lips met my cheeks endearingly. ‘’Number 17? You’re watching number 17?’’, he asked incredulously, hiding his face in my hair.

‘’It’s the most romantic you’ve been on YouTube, that’s for sure.’’, I pointed out, kissing his cheek in return. He just groaned and held me tighter against him as I tucked in my headphones in my ears once more.

‘’You’ll have these cute idiosyncrasies about yourself like twisting your hair when you’re bored or smacking your lips together every time you have to make a tough decision.’’

I paused there and interlaced our fingers together before asking, ‘’What are my idiosyncrasies, Will?’’

His head jerked up when I asked that simple question and he resorted to kiss my hand before thinking. After I had straightened his glasses, he started speaking, listing them off one by one on his fingers.

‘’You pout cutely when you want something.’’

‘’You huddle up and hide your face in my chest whenever we watch Final Destination.’’

‘’You curl your toes when you’re trying to control your anger.’’

‘’You play with your fingers when you’re bored.’’

‘’You read Harry Pot-‘’

‘’Alright. That’s enough.’’, I shushed him with my hand. ‘’I believe I deserve something since I remembered so many.’’, he countered, lying his head on my lap. Smiling, I kissed him briefly five times and ended up giving him more when he said, ‘’No, no. More. You missed a few…’’

‘’There is one more thing I would like to point out about you, though.’’, he said, taking my right hand and placing something small in my palm.

When my other hand flew to my mouth and he slipped the small platinum ring on my finger, he kissed me deeply and mumbled against my lips.

‘’You gasp and cover your mouth when you’re surprised.’’

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     I actually took the pendant that I gave Katniss — the one that opens and has the picture of her family, from that scene on the beach. I took that. It’s my one memento, It’s in my house in my desk drawer. I’m going to try to purposefully lose it — but in a way that I know I will find it in the future."

                 —Josh Hutcherson talking about what he took from his Hunger Games experience. (via fuckyeahthehungergames)



Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2015 | NYFW

Haute Couture Blog :)

Girls + white

You’re brilliant, Hermione. Truly.


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Little Sousuke // Free! Eternal Summer Ep. 10


Some development sketches for a personal project that I’m slowly beginning to chip away at.